Rules and Regulations

To explain what Rules & Regulation Policy is of XCON GAMING and What we expect from XCON Members while gaming with us. Each and every member of XCON GAMING must read and understand and abide by the XCON code they must understand that each member of XCON is responsible for their own behavior of their own actions and safety. Before signed up with XCON GAMING. The leadership and ownership of XCON GAMING assumes no responsibility for the actions of the members. Each member must be responsible for themselves. Any violations of the Code are grounds for dismissal from the XCON GAMING community. XCON GAMING is Gaming Community Clan for Causal Gamers & Elite Gamers. XCON GAMING Community is for Casual Gamers who wants to relax not worry about the competitive side of gaming. And who just wants to play with their friends and family an have good time. XCON GAMING Community Clan is for Elite Gamers who wants do Competitive side of gaming in MLG Tournaments.

XCON GAMING uses a Chain of Command (CoC) based on the for our as such members are expected to abide by the structure without exception. Any issues have to be processed by the CoC. No member will jump over with its requests unless ordered to do so. All orders have to be followed, whether in game, training or in daily duties and our members allow discussion any subject with Chain Of Command. Questions or issues are to be handled via the CoC.High priority issues, especially those that affect all XCON Members must be handled by the Senior Counsel. All members have the right to use the ‘Open Door Policy’ to express any ideas or issues. However, this must be done within the chain of command.

Definition of a Cheat: any modifications to the platforms or official games and associated files or any utilization of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in a way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it.

Examples: wall hacks & speed cheats

Definition of a Glitch: use of any behavior of the game that is either undocumented or unintended by the manufacturer in order to increase their own personal performance or decrease the performance of others.

Example: Being able to hide in a rock or shoot through a wall that you normally can not.

No XCON members will cheat or glitch under any circumstances.

No XCON member is allowed to evaluate cheats in order to detect their use without express XCON GAMING (XCON CO-Founders) consent.

No XCON member will associate with a known cheat or cheat maker under any circumstances. Where possible all XCON members will avoid known glitches.

Should credible accusations of cheating or glitching occur, the member will be subject to an investigation by the Senior Counsel. If found guilty, the member will be instantly discharged.

If Using a Mod Controller they are not allow in XCON GAMING if you are using Mod Controller to cheat or glitch while with XCON GAMING you dismiss and kick out XCON GAMING.

Both if you are using Scuf Controller they are allow in XCON GAMING. Scuf Controller they are not Modded Controller. Scuf Controllers are certified by MLG (Major League Gaming) Controllers used by Pro’s on MLG Pro Circuit.

CONDUCT Members**WILL** respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed.

Racism, discrimination, harassment, or intolerance of any kind will NOT be accepted in any aspect of the XCON community or towards anyone at any time.

The same level of respect will be given to non-members. Members will show dignity, honor and integrity both in and outside of XCON GAMING.

Any insults or lack of respect towards XCON and it’s members by non-members are to be ignored and left uncommented.

We do not need to defend ourselves.

Cursing is allow in respectable way. Cursing any all language towards someone in XCON GAMING of an offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether be on forums or any type of voice or text communications.

No member will issue religious or political matters or respond on one of them. No member will broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content or any other adult content whether be by images, text or voice communications.

Ranks are on based on the following sorted principles:
Positions will be assigned based on the following sorted principles:
-Leadership abilities

Part of our mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms and as such we do supported theses platforms Xbox 360 and Xbox One Only.

Anybody can join Family, Friends, Couples anyone.

Anybody who joins as Family, Friends and Couples will groups in same Squad.

XCON GAMING takes both Men & Women doesn’t matter what gender you are family friendly oriented community.

All members of XCON GAMING must be the age of 18 a over you have been given prior approval by a Squad Leader Member or Assistant Leader.

Gamertags. All members of XCON are encouraged to show pride in their community and include XCON in their gamertag. However, is not Mandatory to have XCON in your gamertag. You can change gamertag whenever you want. We also encourage you to wait 2 weeks before changing your tag to ensure that XCON is the right community for you. Additionally we do not allow any Sex, or Hate references in any gamer tag within XCON. If you have it in your tag, Additionally we do not allow any Sex, or Hate references in any gamerpics & gamer emblems. If do see these items you will be dismissed from XCON GAMING.

The official language of XCON is English however we are a multi-national groups and will assist members with only basic English skills as much as possible.

All XCON Members should used Recruiting Format:
-XCON Members need used same message in Recruiting someone
-Get Know Recruit and See what He or She like plays.
-Show the potential members our site and show how use of site.
-And Give them updates what happening XCON GAMING.
-Don’t Poach from other Clans or Other Gaming while recruiting.

All members should try to participate in all Squad Activities and Division Activities of their Division. All member such try attend Squad Meetings. Their purpose is to improve our teamwork and let knows whats going on in your Squad and Division. We accept all real life needs and commitments and will not put any member into a decision between real life success and XCON GAMING Participation in and We will attempt to help you in any way we can possible.

We are primarily a group of friends and as such have a “Friends first” motto. However heated issues can occur. Try resolved yourself if you can. If an issue can not resolved issue on a reasonable and friendly basis, please go through the Chain Of Command. Do Break Chain Of Command for any reason. Only time to break Chain Of Command If a life or death situation that involves you. Please follow steps of Chain Of Command and hopefully your issue. If a member leaves XCON GAMING on good terms, the decision will be respected and not be questioned. He or She will be granted a honorable discharge and will be welcomed back if he chooses to return at a later date.